Private Lessons

Heather Bosshardt, M.M. in Classical Piano and Jazz Studies 

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Welcome to the Bosshardt Piano Studio!  My mission is to help students discover their personal voice at the piano by developing the skills, love, and understanding requisite to express themselves through music. 

I help them build a strong foundation of proper technique for optimal sound production and injury prevention, a practical understanding of music theory, good sight reading skills and then pursue a course of study in the style of music which speaks most to them, including classical, jazz, gospel, boogie woogie, pop, new age, and religious music. 

To help me give the best experience possible to my students, the following policies have been implemented: 


Tuition* is due at the beginning of each semester.  I am a third party provider through Harmony Education to help homeschool students with the cost of lessons!  Please make checks payable to Heather Bosshardt. 

Rates are as follows, and include 14 lessons plus an end of semester recital and competition fees: 

30 minute lessons - $500 

45 minute lessons - $750 

60 minute lessons - $1000 



Please arrive to lessons on time, no more than 5 minutes of lesson time will be made up due to tardiness.  All lessons are paid for at the beginning of each semester.  The tuition paid reserves an exclusive weekly time for the student, and acceptance into the studio is on the understanding that the student will take lessons for the entire school year.  Missed lessons will not be refunded, though if you notify me at least 24 hours in advance, I will do my best to reschedule at a mutually convenient time within the following week.  Knowing this, please choose a time that will consistently work with you and your child’s schedule.  In-person lessons missed due to illness can take place on-line during their normal lesson time or we can try to reschedule a mutually convenient time within the following week. ​ 


Daily practice is expected and necessary for progress.  Students must have an instrument at home, ideally a good quality, in tune acoustic piano to facilitate the proper development of musicianship and technique.  Parents are expected to support and encourage regular practice as part of their child’s daily routine. 

I highly recommend the “Better Practice App” for all of my students to keep track of lesson assignments and practicing.  Check out their website for more info. 


Students who are accepted into the studio are expected to be committed to lessons for the entire year.  If the parent or student feels the need to terminate lessons for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible so we can work out the best solution. 

In addition, some unfortunate situations will result in being referred out of the studio.  They are as follows: unpaid tuition, regular absences, a negative surly attitude, or if the student shows up perpetually unprepared. 


Throughout the year attendance will be expected at periodic studio masterclasses in my home to give students an informal opportunity to perform for and get to know their studio mates!  Prior to recitals, I also offer the opportunity to perform our pieces at local Assisted Living Centers to create more performance opportunities and to feel the joy of sharing music with others. 


Every December and May we will hold a studio recital at the Snow College Larsen Recital Hall where students will have the opportunity to share what they’ve been practicing all semester with family and friends!  Pieces are required to be memorized and prepared to the highest possible level so students can have the most enjoyable experience possible!  This is always a fun time to get to hear and cheer on your fellow studio members and we enjoy mingling and refreshments afterwards! 


Every year students will have the opportunity to participate in the MTNA Piano Competition in the fall and the NFMC Festivals Program in the spring.  Fees are already included in the cost of the semester so students are highly encouraged to participate.  There are many benefits to preparing something at the highest level you are able to and taking the risk to share it and get helpful feedback! 


Students are responsible for supplying all of their own music and materials.  Courses of study will be individualized for each student.  Below is a sampling of what may be needed. 

All students will need a plain notebook for a practice log and for lesson notes and a blank staff paper notebook. 

PIANO MARVEL:  ALL beginning to early intermediate piano students will be using this as their primary platform for study.  The following will be necessary for this; 

A computer with internet access to stream the program 

A keyboard to connect to the computer 

All books and sheet music will be available online.  Please print out the books and put them in plastic sheet protectors in a binder to bring to lessons and to practice at an acoustic piano 

Go to to create an account for each student. Use the promo code “Bosshardt” to save and be enrolled as my student there. 

Theory and repertoire books as necessary. 

All students will at least need a full size weighted keyboard, but preferably an in-tune acoustic piano to use as well. 

I look forward to working with you!



*A Word About Tuition: 

What you pay is tuition. It is not calculated as an hourly fee for services rendered because teaching is more than the time I spend with your student. Tuition covers time spent with students, preparation time, teacher training and experience, recital costs and preparations, professional organization memberships, professional journals, studio expenses, property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance, business licenses, retirement, continuing education, and certification costs. :)